Valentine Juice Pops

When I was little, I used to freeze lemonade in ice cube trays with toothpicks. I would make them all the time, taking one of the ice cube trays away from freezing regular ice (sorry, Mom). Well, I found these great heart ice molds from IKEA and had to make some good ol’ frozen lemonade pops for my kids at Valentines.


Make your juice, any kind, and pour it into each heart cube. Add a toothpick (or cut a small lollipop stick) to each as well, and place the tray into the freezer (preferably onto a flat surface to freeze even). It can take a bit of time, plan on a few hours.


Now just pull them out and lick them up (warning: toothpicks are sharp and as the ice pop melts, warn your children that it is a little pokey. My kids do fine with them). I used to have to crack the ice cube tray or run the bottom of it under hot water to get them out. But these rubber ice molds are great and the lemonade juice pop comes right out.


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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑