We’re Flying Flower Frisbees Into Their Pot

Summer is ever approaching, despite the 3 inches of snow Utah had yesterday. Happily, it melted! But we’re still excited about the sun and fun that comes with it, and all the flowers that are colorful and bright. We’re making our own flowers out of frisbees and flying them into a giant pot!

Supplies for Flower Frisbees:

  • plastic frisbee, or flying disc
  • craft foam (sticker sheets, optional)
  • packing tape

With your craft foam, cut out 6 petals for each frisbee. I used some craft foam that had a sticky back to it. I only took off the sticky part that was attached directly to the frisbee. I left the other part with it’s paper on the back so the stick wouldn’t get gummy. If you just have craft foam without sticky back, simply attach each foam petal to the frisbee with packing tape.

We found this big green plastic bucket to act as our pot and tried to fly our frisbees into the pot. This is a great game to play during a Flower Garden Birthday Party.

Now let them fly. It was fun to take pictures of the kids flying these frisbees and trying to get the picture to be mid-flight! Happy planting!

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑