Wet Water Sponge Toys

These water sponge toys soak up tons of water and pack a wet watery punch when thrown. They are easy to make and fun for the kids to throw. Here is how to make Wet Water Sponges.

Wet Water Sponge Toys

Buy new kitchen sponges from any grocery store. They usually come in packs of 6 in all colors. Do Not buy the kind with the scouring pad, only the soft cello sponges pictured here. They have smaller 3×5 and larger 5×7. I like the smaller, they are easier to tie together and better for little fingers to hold. But you could make a large one that would get someone really wet. Also buy “zip ties”, sold at a hardware store. I bought two kinds not knowing that one had a hook at the top, but it turned out good for the butterfly below.

ocelo-sponges.jpg zip-tie-package.jpg zip-ties.jpg

Cut each sponge length-wise in thirds. Then group together 8-9 cut pieces for each sponge. You can do a few more, or you can even do less. You can mix and match colors of the sponges, all blue, all pink, pink all around and one green for the center. We did ones with just 2 strips that worked great for the littlest kids, and they looked like cute little butterflies – fun for a birthday water party.


small-butterfly.jpg large-butterfly-2.jpg

Now center a zip tie around all the sponges and pull the tie through the hole. Pull the zip tie tight, as much as you can until it won’t go anymore. Then cut off the excess zip tie. Fluff up the sponge strips to make a nice looking water toy.


You’re done. Dip each sponge in a bucket and get each other wet. You can play with them in the pool or even in the bathtub.


lucy-slide-sponge.jpg lucy-squeeze.jpg

Have fun making water sponges. It’s hot this summer and these will help keep you cool.

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