Is Your White Elephant Worthy?

White Elephant

We have 3 Christmas parties this year that require a White Elephant gift. I love this game. It was horrifying to watch “The Office” play it, but it is always fun to see what people give. Sometimes there are those gifts that are really just garbage and people should think twice about wrapping them. Then there are the gifts that continue to get traded and traded. Or the gift that seems to keep popping up every year with the same group of people. My friend Becca has had her gift ready for 3 months, now that’s dedication.

Here are some fun White Elephant gift ideas:

  • A real “white elephant”. I made a white towel elephant once and it was funny. Here is a tutorial on how to make a Towel Elephant, or watch the video on how to make a different towel Elephant.
  • My sister did a party once where all the ladies were in on it and they gave away their husband’s most prized possessions. The first husband didn’t think it was funny. The wife played it off that she really didn’t think that he cared that much about it. In the end, they all got their stuff back.
  • My book club is doing a “white elephant book exchange”. You find a book off the shelf that you no longer need and wrap it up. I am super excited for this one, because it is different. We are even going to allow the 2 times to “steal”. I hope there are some good books.
  • My cousin, Mark, recorded himself singing about 10 songs onto a Christmas album. It was a total hit and everyone wanted it. It was complete with a picture of him in a holiday sweater, holding a cozy dog, and drinking cocoa.

I need some more ideas for this year’s slew of White Elephant parties. What do you have to give?

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