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Apple Dippin' Turkey-Shaped Appetizer


  • apples – I plan for one apple per person maybe more if you have a lot of snackers
  • Marzetti Light Caramel Dip
  • apple slicer – optional but oh so fabulous
  • platter
  • toothpicks – preferably the fancy kind they make for great turkey toes!


  1. Slice up your apples. I like to have all sorts of colors to make for a bright and colorful platter. Also, because apples tend to brown quickly, I suggest you slice them up right before you’re going to eat them.
  2. Place your dip near the bottom center of your platter. Arrange your apples in a curved formation surrounding the dip, creating feathers like a turkey.
  3. Add your toothpicks at the bottom of your dip, even under the container to make for cute turkey feet.