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Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies


  • sugar cookie dough
  • rolling pin
  • baking sheet
  • heart cookie cutters – a few sizes
  • crushed peppermint candies – great to use left over candy canes
  • m&m’s


  1. Roll out your dough and have your heart shaped cookie cutters on hand.
  2. Heart Impression Cookies: Using your largest heart shaped cookie cutter, cut your heart out from the dough. Then using the small cookie cutter, center it over the large heart and press half way down to make your impression.
  3. Peppermint Candy Filled Cookies: Use the large heart cookie cutter and cut out the heart. Then cut out a small heart shape on the inside of the large one, and set aside. With a spoon, sprinkle in some crushed peppermint candies into the center of the large cookie, enough to fill it in (my peppermint candies were crushed into a powder, but yours can be more chunky). I also sprinkled some peppermint candy powder on top of the small inside cookies as well.
  4. These cook up so pretty and they taste great. It’s a soft cookie with a hard candy center.
  5. Chocolate Candy Cookies: Cut out your heart shapes from the dough. Then let the kids place as many m&m candies on each of their cookies as they want.