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Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese


  • bread we used whole wheat
  • slices of your favorite cheese
  • butter
  • waffle iron


  1. We kept our grilled cheese sandwiches classic-style, with just some slices of organic American cheese. Use your favorite cheese, plus any other add-ins you like. Sliced turkey or ham, thinly-sliced tomato, or even a slather of pesto would be delicious!
  2. Slice off the crusts, if you like, and butter one side of each slice of bread.
  3. Assemble sandwiches on a preheated waffle iron, just like you would make one in a pan - bread with butter-side down, cheese in the middle, and bread with butter-side up.
  4. Close the waffle iron lid. Ours wouldn't close all the way at first, but we gently pressed it down a few times as the sandwich cooked. Check your sandwich periodically - our grilled cheese took about 3 minutes on medium heat. When the bread is golden brown, your waffle grilled cheese is finished!
  5. Carefully remove with fork or tongs and enjoy!