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Veggie Bar


  • all sorts of veggies washed and cut
  • bowls
  • plate for each child
  • ranch dressing


  1. Set up your veggie bar. Place your vegetables into small bowls for the kids to grab from. It's best to keep the same vegetables grouped together. Although you can give each child their own personal bowl of veggies to work with if you're doing this with a lot of kids at a party.
  2. Place the dip bowl in the center of the plate and add in your ranch dressing. You can use any salad dressing your kids like. Blue Cheese or even a Caesar would be yum. Marzetti's has so many perfect classic choices, and many of them in a light version! We're a ranch family, so that's what we all had for a dip.
  3. Now start to make your creations. There were a couple flowers shapes, a patterned sunburst (pictured below), and a face with the dip as the nose. The sky is the limit!