Write Your Story with a Journal Jar

Recently I taught a group of 12 and 13-year-old girls a church lesson about the importance of keeping a journal. (Excuse me while I climb on my soap box.) We have a great opportunity to share our lives with our children, our grandchildren, and generations beyond if we write down the thoughts and events of our lives. We won’t remember most details of even the most important times in our lives–we have to write it down, write our own stories. And it doesn’t only benefit posterity. It’s wonderful to be able to go back and see the important life lessons we’ve learned, blessings we’ve received, and truths manifested in our lives.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of meaningful, interesting things to write, and this can quickly deter us from keeping a regular journal. To help these girls start on a regular journaling kick, I made them each a Journal Jar. Each day they can pull out a journaling prompt and write something about themselves.  This would be a great summer project for kids old enough to write, but it’s also an important project we need to start for ourselves. Put together one of these cute jars and you’ll instantly be inspired to keep a journal!

First, gather journaling prompts from around the Internet or write your own. Some of my favorite were from Abundance Blog. I tweaked a few that sounded a little negative or too old for the girls, but most of them were interesting or thought provoking.

Copy and paste the prompts into a Word document and change the font to something cute (optional–well, not for me). Print them on the white side of some one-sided patterned scrapbooking paper. Then cut them into strips, fold them in half, and stuff them in a canning jar. I love this shape of this one, but any glass jar would work wonderfully. You can also print these on plain white paper, but I love the way the patterned paper adds some color to the jar.

Next, trace the lid of the jar on some coordinating patterned paper. Cut it out and glue it to the top of the inner lid. Now it’s time to decorate your jar! You can use ribbon, paper, or something more elaborate like my paper roses. I also included a tag that says Journal Jar.

This would make a fun gift, along with a pretty journal, for a teenage girl, a sister, or a best friend. Or coordinate it with your bedroom decor and keep it on top of your journal for a cute nightstand accent!

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