We’re back with another video for our Kids in the Craft Room series. My daughter is sharing her idea for a Yarn Paper Tube Owl. It’s a perfect activity for a children’s craft room, helping to celebrate spring!

Supplies for Yarn Paper Tube Owl:

  • paper tube
  • yarn – any color
  • glue dots or tape
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • paper scraps

To make the head with ears:

1. Fold down one top edge of your paper tube, about 1/2 inch down.

2. Add a glue dot on the top of the fold.

3. Press and fold the other side of the tube down on top of the glue dot.

See the video for help!

To make the body:

1. Start wrapping the yarn around the owl’s body, only the bottom 3/4 of the tube, not over the head/ears.

2. Cut off the yarn and tie it in a small knot.

3. Cut out eyes, wings, feet, and a beak for the owl. Color them and glue or tape them to your owl’s body.

Yarn Wrapped Paper Tube Owl makeandtakes.com

It’s ready for some hoot-hooting this spring!