We’re just a couple of weeks away for the 4th of July and I’m already seeing fireworks for sale. If you live somewhere with “no fire” laws for the 4th or if your kids are a little too small for the fire, make these fun pipe cleaners sparklers instead.

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Sparklers:

  • 2 red pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems)
  • 2 blue pipe cleaners
  • 4 white pipe cleaners – mine are the shiny sparkly white colored kind

1. Gather your pipe cleaners and group them with the white together and the blue and red together. (I also made a sparkler that was half the size by cutting my white pipe cleaners in half for a tighter look, see above.)
2. Wrap your blue and red pipe cleaners around the center of your white pipe cleaners.
3. Bend your white pipe cleaners up and then twist your blue and red pipe cleaners together.
4. Give your white pipe cleaners one little twist, then fan them out. You can bend them at the tops or leave them straight.

Now it’s time for the show. Have all the fun without the fire!