We are getting an ultrasound on our baby this next week. The question that we have been faced with is “Should we find out the gender of the baby or wait until it is born?” We currently have one boy and one girl. So this would be a good time not to know the gender. We pretty much have all the supplies and clothing that we need for either baby. Of course my boy Matt thinks it’s a boy and my girl Lucy thinks it’s a girl, (she thinks she has a girl baby in her tummy too).

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I am stumped. As it is getting closer, I don’t know what to do. Lots of people say to wait, but that is easy for them to say. We have people saying that it is just as big of a surprise at the ultrasound, so just find out now. We also have some friends who found out what it was, but then didn’t tell anyone else until it was born. Or there are some like my Mom that say, “Well, when I was having babies, they didn’t have any of that fancy equipment.”

What have you done at the very anticipated ultrasound? What should we do?