I have a white porcelain kitchen sink. That should be all I have to tell you in realizing my cleaning dilemma. It gets so gross looking, but I promise it’s clean. There are food stains and metal dish marks that won’t come off. I tried everything to clean it, bleach, comet, scruffy scrubbers, and nothing. One day I asked my neighbor, Janelle, what she uses to clean her sink, as I knew she had white too. She then began a kitchen sink demonstration of Cameo.


It is a stainless steel cleaner, but for some reason, works great on white porcelain. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at her beautifully white kitchen sink. I borrowed hers right away and gave my sink a cleaning. Shake the Cameo powder around the sink, shake a little dish soap around too, then get your cleaning rag and scrub over the whole sink. You may need to give a little extra umph around the stained spots. Then Voila! Really, it looks like I have a brand new sink.




I do not Cameo it often enough, as I continue to be surprised each time I clean it. You can get it at Walmart in the bathroom and kitchen cleaning aisle. Hooray for good cleaners. *Warning: unknown if it will harm the porcelain sink. Use at your own sink risk.*