For something that goes in my mouth everyday, you’d think I’d be more eager to have it super clean and sanitary. I tend to put my toothbrush back in it’s little white basket when I am done, not really thinking about germs. But thanks to my Bro-in-Law Brian, I’ve learned how easy it can be to disinfect a toothbrush. (P.S. it’s Brian’s birthday today, go wish him a happy one!)

Simply gather all the toothbrushes in your house, then add them to the next dish washing cycle. Viola! The hot water will have killed all those bad germy bugs. I try to do this often, but it doesn’t happen often enough. Those toothbrushes have no excuse and can always use the cleaning. Especially my children’s toothbrushes. I keep catching my little girl cleaning the sink with hers, ewww.

I suggest you try this little tip for cleaning your toothbrush. Your mouth will thank you.