I’m taking the next few weeks to spotlight my amazing contributors. Next up on the list is Sabrena of The Suite Spots who contributes once a month to our Family Time page.

Sabrena is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I’ve known her since our trampoline slumber party days when we were 11, living only 2 houses away. We’re also born just a day apart, so we’re tight like that.

But not only is Sabrena a fabulous friend, she’s an amazing passionate writer. She was a travel writer for SkyWest, sharing her thoughts on places to eat and things to do. These days, with two children in tow, she has a passion for organic and homemade, and has been hip to what’s best for the environment. (I’m always emailing her when I watch a new documentary so we can discuss.) I love that she shares simple ways in which we all at Make and Takes can implement a thing or two into our lives to make everything a little bit more sustainable.

Here are just few favorite posts from Sabrena’s blog:

To read more of Sabrena on Make and Takes, visit her over at Family Time.