In preparation for a local Fantasy Fair and for storytime this week, I read (or mostly read) the book Fablehaven to my son. The vocabulary is more for an older child, so I did my best telling him the story.

As some of you may know, I am a Fantasy/Science Fiction geek and have written previously about Fablehaven. I have just finished the 3rd book Grip of the Shadow Plague and expecting 2 more in this young adult fantasy series. Creatures and fairies from “fables” need a “haven” and two tweens help them in keeping it safe.

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To celebrate this fun Fantasy adventure, we were lucky enough to have the author, Brandon Mull, come to our local library. The place was decorated in Fantasy creature fashion. They went all out with a witch, curses, chickens, and even a Giant Cow to boot (you’ll have to read to find out why!)

My son loved every minute of the event. We even got our books signed! Thanks to Brandon Mull for a fun evening and to our local library for heading up the Fantasy Fair.