Recently, I have been introduced to Google Reader and I love it. Google Reader is a feed reader that helps you know who’s blog or news website has new information on it. There are a few different readers out there like Bloglines too, but I have a google account, so I use Google Reader.

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The best part of using Google Reader is that I don’t have to go clicking onto everyone’s blog and check to see if they have a new post. Before, I would click on the link of some family or friends, waiting to see if they had some new pictures to post or fun words of wisdom. Many of them, (you know who you are) don’t blog enough and I was taking extra time to check if they had. With Google Reader, they do all the checking work for you. I just go to my Google Reader account and enter in all the blogs or news websites that I want to check up on and they tell me which ones have a new post. (And they don’t send you emails when something is new. you have to go to your Google Reader to find out. I like this, because I am getting enough emails already.)

I love it and find that I am surfing blogs a lot less, while having more time to be outside breathing fresh air, as my brother would say we all should be doing. I highly suggest you check it out and sign up for an account.