Today marks the start of my Family’s Biggest Loser Competition! I’m heading up this year’s competition as I’m in dire need for it to happen. I’ve got the unwanted, flabby, extra, Holiday/baby weight that just won’t come off (or maybe it’s just my lack of healthy eating and exercise holding me back?!)

Here’s our Family RULES for this year:

  • Each person puts $10 into the pot. 1st and 2nd place winners will be determined. Before, my mom sponsored the winnings for the event, so decide how you want to pay and play.
  • Competition lasts 3 months. Starts today, January 2nd, and ending on March 31st.
  • Use the SAME scale for weigh in. Weigh in on Jan 2nd and again on March 31st.
  • No Cheating like weighing in with wet hair, or changing a 3 to an 8. This is on the honor system, so there has to be some trust.
  • Calculate the winner by weight loss percentage. We feel this is the best way to determine the winner with both men and women. My brother lost 21 lb. and I lost 20 lbs. one year and I won with a higher percentage. The Biggest Loser has a Percentage Calculator or it’s (Initial Weight-Actual Weight) / Initial Weight * 100=%

So it’s ON. I’m in it to win it. Here’s to a healthy lifestyle! And I challenge you with your family or even a group of friends and co-workers to do the same. Be the Biggest Loser on your block!