What’s one of those staple go-to meals that you feed your family at least once a month? That’s right, a grilled cheese sandwich. Well, it’s National Grilled Cheese Month (didn’t you know) and Kraft Singles is sending me to LA for the Grilled Cheese Invitational of which they are a sponsor. I’m going as their guest to check out the crazy cheesy concoctions created by the best of the best in the grilled cheese world. I’ll be judging, taking video, and tasting all the delicious cheesy goodness to be had… bring on the cheese!

And for more National Grilled Cheese Month fun, if you can tell Kraft Singles in 50 words or less why a grilled cheese brings a smile to your face, they’re randomly selecting 500 people each week to win free Kraft Single coupons! So, go check out I Heart Grilled Cheese for details. Have fun getting cheesy!