Homemade Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs give your food a little extra crunch. They are great topped on a casserole, for breading chicken or fish, and over baked pasta. Here is my version of easy to make Homemade Bread Crumbs.


I started making my own bread crumbs when I felt bad that I was wasting the dry rubbery ends of store bought bread loaves. They have no taste and are not even worth the peanut butter that would get put on them. I felt wasteful throwing them away, so I decided to wrap them up and save them in my freezer. I collect a few, like 8 or so, then turn them into bread crumbs for recipes.


You can do this 2 ways. If you dry out or toast your bread first, you can put them into a plastic bag and crush them with your hands or a rolling pin. For my way, I will show you how to make the crumbs first in my blender (or food processor) then get to the toasting.


I tear up two pieces of bread at a time and place them in my blender. Give it a blend, until they are small and crumbly. Then place them onto a baking pan. Finish blending all the bread slices you have and spread them all onto a baking pan.


Turn your oven to 200* and bake the bread crumbs until crispy. I had them in the oven for 1 hour and fluffed them up with a spatula about every 20 minutes of so. I took them out and let them cool. You can place them back into the blender one more time to get a finer consistency.


I place these toasted bread crumbs into a freezer bag and can have them at the ready whenever they are called for in a recipe.

Here are a few yummy recipes that call for Bread Crumbs:

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Martha’s Turkey Tetrazzini I have made this and it is delicious.

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