I love a good giveaway. The suspense of hearing your name read or the thrill of surprise when you win. But for me, I enter them, and nothing. No cash prize, no great home decor, and no free vacation goes to me. Poor me. So I have decided to start doing giveaways on my blog! Yeah! I will be in control of the winning. Plus, they help promote the giver and in turn provide for the receiver. It will be an actual “me Make and you Take”. If you have any goods that you want to giveaway as a prize, let me know.

For the first ever Make and Take Giveaway, I will be giving away one of my great Baby Bibs. They are large and in charge, and catch everything that comes flinging from your baby. They are unique, fun, and fashionable. Here are a few choices, but you get to pick the one you want if you win. You can keep it for yourself, or give it to someone you love.

blue-flowers-pink-trim-3.jpg brown-pink-trim-2.jpg blue-green-stripe-1-small.jpg

pink-flowers-pink-trim-3.jpg orange-yellow-trim-1-small.jpg aqua-stripe-blue-trim-1.jpg

How the giveaway game works:

Make a comment on this blog post (at the bottom of the post, click on the red comment word or email me if you can’t figure it out, no discrimination if you are computer challenged!). You can put any comment you want, like, you admire me or I am the greatest or Hi. Then I will randomly pick a name out from all of the comments and choose a winner. The giveaway for a great baby bib will end Sunday night at Midnight. You only need to comment once. And if the only people to comment are my mother and sister, then one of them will go home with the prize! I will announce the winner on my Monday morning blog post. Check back to see if you won.

Have fun commenting and you may go home the winner, Yeah!