I couldn’t resist sharing a few tasty finds I’ve stumbled across. There is some great cooking information and delicious recipes, see below! Do you have any fabulous finds to share?

  • Oh, oh, oh! This Honey Apple Peanut Butter Tart by Picky Palate couldn’t be more inviting (pictured above). Other than a quick trip to the store for puff pastry, I have all the other ingredients. So easy!
  • I love this informative Guide to Cooking Terms by Redhead Recipes. It has those hard to spell, probably French, cooking words all explained.
  • I’m a huge fan of cake mix cookies and I just found this new one over at Tidy Mom for Lemon Burst Cake Mix Cookies (pictured below). It uses whipped cream as an ingredient, where I usually see oil. So I’m very interested to try it this week.
  • I’ve just discovered this crafty lady, Daisy Janie, and found that she cooks too. Here’s a recipe for her Aunt Jane’s Nut Roll. My favorite part of her blog is on her side bar she has a column listed “Make Take Bake” – right up my alley!!
  • I love these cute Art Pancakes by The Paper Pony (pictured below). How simple are these, just letting the letter cook for a moment longer on the pan. So fun!