I would not be able to make it through the week with out turning to the Internet. I’ll have an ingredient that I want to use. I type that ingredient into one of my favorite recipe websites, and TaDa! I will get a plethora of recipes to make for that item.

Here are some of the food websites I can’t live with out for finding recipes:

Martha Stewart: her recipes are delicous and homey. Some recipes have more to it than I can make, but they are always very good to eat.

Everyday Food: a spin-off from Martha, I love their show on PBS.

Food TV: I love to watch the Food Channel. Good Eats is one of my families favorites. Alton breaks down the food science that even my little boy knows how to cook now.

Allrecipes: Lots of good recipes that come from the home cooks.

Cooks.com: I can type in anything and lots recipes come up. There is some narrowing down to do, but usually worth it.

Have fun surfing the Internet for good recipes. Where do you go for good recipes? Share your sites in a comment below.