Yeah!! It’s the Ballerina Tutu Adventure revisited. She did it! She finally put on the TuTu. She even danced around. I am a proud Mother. This is one of those proud mother moments. My husband had one of these moments when our son was just 18 months old. Jordan’s proud father moment was when Matthew clicked a computer mouse all on his own for the first time!!

Sometimes as parents, we are just nerdy. We get all gitty and excited about the silliest things our children do. But shouldn’t we get that way? Shouldn’t we get excited when our child goes potty the first time, or counts to 30, or shows off their tricks for others? Aren’t we supposed to be our child’s biggest fan? Well, I am a geeky parent all the way! What are some of your “Proud Parent” moments? I want to hear all the nerdy things you go gaga for about your kids.

Here are a few photos of my kids and our Proud Parent Moments. Here she is actually trying on her Ballerina TuTu. She looks super cute and she knows it too. Below, my son was just 18 months, playing on the computer. I hope you have good luck with your TuTu’s, or whatever it is that your child accomplishes today!