Shane and David, from the Upside Down Show, are two of the funniest characters on children’s television. Really, they’re so creative and imaginative, I’m always laughing along with my kids. Their show is a mix of Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Mr. Rogers, super silly with tons of imagination. It’s shown only on Noggin (that I know of), but they’re on You Tube and have a fun website too. Check it out!

Each show usually starts out with using “The Remote”. They have a pretend remote that they use to start and stop and push silly buttons with. David usually ends up doing things in reverse or upside down. I also love the “Action Fingers”. My kids love taking their 2 fingers on little adventures! So silly and so simple. The only bummer is that it’s been canceled and only showing reruns, but still worth it.

What’s your children’s TV show are you laughing at with your kids?