There are two words not used in my current vocabulary: Portion Control. I have none of it. Especially now as I am pregnant, I eat a lot. Every pregnancy I have been able shovel, I mean shovel, food into my mouth. It is a sight to see. Once my “morning sickness” goes away, I am able to wolf down tons of food until about my last month, when space is limited in the tummy area. So by my calculations, that is a good 4 months of solid eating. My sweet hubby has described my eating ability as though I were a Large Sumo Wrestler (not that I look like him, just eat as much as him!)

I like to buy Nilla Wafers and keep them in my car, you know, when Mama needs a little snack. But then in minutes, my fingers hit the bottom of the box with nothing else to grab when I realize my “little snack” is gone. My Mom watched me eating some mint chocolate squares and I was oblivious to how many I was putting in my mouth. She said, “now tell yourself how many you want to eat here.” Oops…

I am determined to have some Portion Control, as I don’t want to have that much work to do getting this thick skin off when baby is out. So I have now bought 100 Calorie Pack snacks. I actually like these and the portions are forced, just what I need. I also decided to make my own Calorie Packs. I bought little snack size plastic baggies and put snacks in them of what could fit, close to the 100 calorie limit, okay maybe a little over. This way, when I need a little snack to suffice the stomach, then I can grab one of these. I have found that I just need a little, even though I could fit a lot, and I am satisfied when I am done.


As I still have 2 more months of “Sumo” eating, what advice can you give for keeping control of my portions?