I love to read Science Fiction books. In college, when my older brother found out that I liked to read science fiction, he sent me about 20 books that are some of his favorites. I do have to say that Fantasy books are in the club for me as well. I just finished reading Stardust and you can read my review of Fablehaven too. I love a good alien war or a white flying dog that uses a sword to fight the ogre. Who’s with me?


For this month in my book club, I got to pick the book. I chose my favorite book of all time, Ender’s Game. I have read it about 8 times and I love it every time. Orson Scott Card is the author. He has written many books, but this book has won lots of awards and still gets praise today. It is considered Science Fiction, but really is so much more. I don’t like the cover of the book because it shows these flying spaceships and it really isn’t about that at all. The earth is threatened by an alien race and the military needs a leader. So they turn to child geniuses. Ender is a genius boy who is chosen to train to fight. The story goes through Ender’s training, but really it is about his relationships with others, his parents, friends, teammates, enemies, but mostly his siblings. Ender really is a genius, as he knows exactly what the adults want from him. Card is excellent at writing from a child’s perspective. You will have to read it to find out more.

We had a fun book club. For treats, I made chocolate dipped ice cream pops. For the most part, the group liked the book. It is fun to hear what other perspectives people bring. I hope you choose to read it. Let me know if you do!