Easter Bunny Napkin Holders

We’re making fun and simple Easter Bunny Napkin Holders! They are the perfect bunny holder for your Easter table napkins.

Making a Pipe Cleaner Bunny Napkin Holder

Supplies for Pipe Cleaner Bunny Napkin Holders:

  •  one white pipe cleaner
  • googley eyes
  • pink pom pom nose
  • 1 small white pom pom
  • tacky glue

1. Take your pipe cleaner and fold it over in half to create a small circle. Twist the cross-section around. Fold down each of the ends and twist them around the center to create the 2 bunny ears.

Bunny Napkin Holder with Pipe Cleaners

2. Glue on your bunny’s face, 2 googley eyes and pink pom pom nose. Also glue on the white pom pom to the back for the fluffy tail.

Bunny Napkin Holder Supplies

Let the glue dry completely before adding it to your napkins.

Make a Bunny Pipe Cleaner Napkin Holder

These cute little bunnies are ready for placing onto a napkin for dinnertime!

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Easter Bunny Napkin Holders

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