Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet

We had a blast with our rainbow marker & coffee filter science experiment. But now that we have all these beautifully colored filters, we needed to make them into something fun. We crafted them into a colorful bouquet for spring!

Rainbow Coffee Filter Flower Bouquets

These would make a great table display for a St. Patrick’s Day party! Or I know a few grandma’s who might love a floral bunch like this as a gift!

Rainbow Coffee Filter Flower Bouquets to Make

Supplies for Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet: 

  • 5-6 coffee filters
  • markers or crayons
  • elastic band or loom band
  • straw or wood dowel
  • washi tape

Make a Coffee Filter Flower Bunch

Start by coloring your coffee filters. You can simply decorate them with crayons or marker. Or give them rainbow colors with water and markers and this Rainbow Marker Coffee Filter technique – it’s a fun way to make this bouquet pop with color!

Coloring Coffee Filters with Rainbow Markers and Water

Once you have your coffee filters colored, gather each one in the center and twist it tight. This will gather the top and give it a bunched look.

Crafting with Rainbow Colored Coffee Filters

Group all your twisted coffee filters together and attach them with a band to keep them in place.

Making Coffee Filter Flower Bunches

Press your straw into the center of the band.

Coffee Filters and Straw Flowers Kids Craft

Add washi tape to the base of the flowers and the top of the straw to make it look clean.

Add Washi Tape to Make Coffee Filter Flowers

Now it’s ready to display!

Coffee Filter Flower Bouquet Kids Craft

These would actually be fun to make for a festive party to hang. Make 10-12 for a garland!

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