Decorating Frisbees for a Summer Party Craft

My girls always want to have a craft project at their birthday parties. Since we usually have boy and girl guests of various ages at our parties, the craft needs to be simple and doable for multiple ages and interests. It’s always a bonus if the finished product is something the kids can take home as a party favor, too.

A favorite party craft of ours was decorating colorful plastic frisbees. With a simple set-up and lots of room for creativity, this was a hit with the kids at our party. Plus, they had a fun summer toy to take home after the party!

Kids' Party Craft: Decorating Frisbees

Supplies for Frisbee Decorating:

Plain colored frisbees – Check the dollar bins or summer section at your local craft or big-box store.

Paint pens – These are also called opaque paint markers. We used both Sharpie and Elmer brand paint pens with medium tips.

Coloring frisbees

Set-up and Tips:

• Cover your work surface with paper to protect it.

• If your paint pens are new, prep them by depressing each tip on a piece of scrap paper until the paint starts flowing.

• Set-out frisbees and paint pens and let the kids create some unique and creative frisbees!

Coloring frisbees with paint pens

Your finished frisbees can be part of your party activity, too – the paint pens dry quickly and the frisbees will be ready for a backyard throwing session. This activity would make a great summer play date, too!

Decorating frisbees with paint pens

Happy crafting with your kids!

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