Disneyland Checklist for Your First Vacation

Our little family is vacationing for the first time to Disneyland and can’t wait! It is the year of a million dreams. But in order to create that dream for ourselves, we do need some preparation. Here are a few things to know before you plan or prepare your next Disneyland trip.

Disneyland Family

What to prep for a Disneyland Vacation

1. Autograph Book: My cute niece Amy goes to Disneyland all the time with her hubby and kids. They gave us an autograph book to start out our first trip. We are set to see the Characters and get their signatures on every page. Then I plan to put that character’s picture on the opposite page. I love it. My kids really think that these cute characters are real. It is just too much fun!

2. Character Call: This is so fun. I planned to have a Character from Disneyland call my kids the day before we leave. It is Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy’s voices in a recorded message to my kids. They say they are so excited for them to come andvisit and will see them soon. Sooo Great!!

3. Matching Shirts: My sisters family went to Disneyland and there are sooo many of them. So they all wore Bright Green shirts. It was great, they could always find or spot one another. There are just 4 in my little family, but I think we will find some good matching shirts.

Family at Disneyland Parks - My Disney Side

**UPDATE**: Over the last 8 years, here are a few more posts we’ve shared about Disney vacations our family has traveled. Disney really is magical!

Here are some other prep tips for a Disneyland Adventure:

  • Before you Leave: What to do a month before, a week before, a day before.
  • Packing Tips: Everything and more that should be in your suitcase.
  • Wheelchairs: Here are some great tips if you are using a wheelchair at Disneyland.
  • Ride Max: They give the best time to ride the rides and what Fast passes to get!
  • Scoping the Parks: Some fun articles on Disneyland by MousePlanet.
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time of year, time of day to hit a ride, the best park to visit.

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