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DIY Tissue Paper Headband

My daughter is turning 7 and has been into an accessory making stage lately. She is making rings, bracelets, necklaces and headbands of course. Next weekend we have a wedding to go to and we wanted to make a headband that would be simple, but festive enough to match her dress (pink one, of course). We decided on making tissue paper headband. 

DIY Tissue Paper Headband

DIY Tissue Paper Headband

Supplies for a Tissue Paper Headband:

  • tissue paper of your chosen color(s)
  • glue. Hot glue gun works well too.
  • Headband. Plain one.

Headband Supplies


  1. Cut tissue paper into small squares.
  2. Make tissue paper flowers by pinching the center of tissue paper square and twisting few times. This will farm cute headband flowers.
  3. Glue each flower on the headband.

Headband Prep

You can choose to just place few flowers on the side of the headband or cover the entire headband.

Headband Final ProductMy daughter was really pleased on how it turned out and now she has new plans for different tissue paper headbands. She is planning to make new one with different size and color flowers.

Tissue Paper Headband

1 comment

  1. This flower headband look amazing! is the headband plastic or satin covered? was it easy to glue on ?
    thank you!

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