Summer Time Snack with Frozen Grape Pops

This is our new favorite Summer SnackFrozen Grape Pops are the perfect treat for a hot summer day. Even though you’ve probably frozen grapes in the freezer before, these pops prevent fingers from getting sticky or wet by adding a lollipop stick to the mix.

Frozen Grape Pops

Frozen Grape Pops


  • Grapes – any color or size, washed
  • Lollipop sticks – preferably 8 inches long, but any size will do. You can buy these at Walmart, or any cake/candy supply place. (We tried these with popsicle sticks and they are too wide for the small grapes.)


First, wash your grapes and dry them as best you can with a paper towel. Then pick about 6 grapes per 8 inch stick. Using the hole side of the grape, push your grape onto the stick. Go down about 1-2 inches from the bottom. Now pile the rest on.

Place your grape sticks in a freezer safe plastic bag. It’s best to wait over night for really good frozen grapes, but we could only wait till the afternoon. Even then, they were cold, mostly frozen, and delicious.

NOTE: these are large frozen bites, please watch your little ones as they eat their snack for choking. If you need to, cut these in half or even fourths to make them smaller. They will still freeze up great!

I was gobbling them up faster than my kids were! This super healthy frozen treat is giving me the fix I need to stay away from too much ice cream. Perfect for a summer day and a cool sweet treat!

Frozen Grape Pop Treat

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