Celebrate All Month with a Halloween Countdown Printable

We’re counting down the days until one of our favorite holidays… Halloween! Here is a great Halloween Countdown Printable to help you celebrate all month long!

Halloween Printable to Count Down

Halloween Countdown Printable

If your kids are like mine, they get very excited about Halloween. We’re already counting down and it’s still September. They’ll be thrilled when October 1st rolls around and we can use this printable Countdown to Halloween to keep track or how many days till the big day! coursework writing service

Halloween Printable for Kids


Make a Halloween Countdown Printable


After you print both pages, cut along the top, right and bottom side of each door. Leave the left side (by the hinges) in tact.


Don’t fold them back yet, leave them flat until the day you are supposed to open them.


Flip the page over and use the glue stick along the sides of the paper and carefully between the doors. I used the edge of the gluestick in the thinner spots. Try not to get glue on the back of the doors themselves as those need to float freely over the bottom sheet so they can fold back easily.


Line up the top corners of the door sheet to the under sheet and press them together when aligned.

Count Down to Halloween Printable

Hang on a clipboard or bulletin board.


Open one door each day beginning October 1st. Repeat until Halloween!

Halloween Countdown Printable

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