TED Talks: How to Use One Paper Towel

In honor of earth day this month, I thought it appropriate to share one of our family’s favorite TED talk videos: How to use one paper towel. The concept and talk comes from Joe Smith, a man on a mission to help reduce the use of paper towels we use in the bathroom. I have found myself many-a-time cranking the paper towel dispenser to 3-4 feet long or waving my hand under the automatic sensor to tear off 2-3 sections to get my hands dry. So when I saw this video for the first time, I was blown away by the amount of waste I realized I was creating, and that I could do something about it. We watched this talk twice in a row, we all loved it. Joe is pretty entertaining!

We are now shaking off our wet hands 12 times, only using one paper towel, and folding it in half to get a better dry! It’s fun to watch my daughter count out to 12 (good counting skills!) It’s been over a month since we’ve seen it and we’re still going strong. I was traveling this last week and used this method in every public bathroom I went in to, even on the airplane!

How to use one paper towel

Now the challenge is yours! Watch the video with your family, maybe twice, and then practice this method the next time you use a paper towel to dry your hands!

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