These Mini Witch Brooms, a type of yarn Pom Pom, are the perfect size for Barbie or Spiderman. Whether your kids use them for their toys to take flight or you add them as a decoration to your own little witch, they’re easy and fun to make.

Supplies for Witch Broom:

  • Yarn – brown or yellow
  • Pipe Wire – 3 brown or black pieces
  • Scissors

Measure out 20-30 pieces of yarn, 7 inches in length. These measurements are for the broom pictured. Feel free to change it up for how big and thick you want yours to be. Fold the yarn in half and loop a pipe wire around the center, and then twist it up together. Then split your yarn another way and loop another pipe wire through and twist it up together again.

About a 1/2 inch down from the top of the folded yarn, wrap and fold a 2-3 inch piece of pipe wire around, to make it look like a real straw broom. Now trim the yarn if you need to, to give it that straight edge look.

Your done. Now your Mini Witch Brooms are ready to take flight. Have fun flying.