Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas and Beyond!

We’re getting excited for the 3rd Toy Story movie to hit theaters in June. Toy Story Mania is one of our favorite rides at Disneyland. Have you been on it? It’s addicting, I kept wanting to beat my husband so we stood in that long line again and again! Since we love these toys so much, I’ve come up with a few fun ideas and activities for a fabulous Toy Story Birthday Party!


For Buzz: Hey all you Space Rangers! Get ready to ride into space with (child’s name) birthday party. On the __ of __, come join in the toy mania fun and celebrate (child’s name) (years old) birthday.

For Woody: Hey all you Cowboys! Get ready to ride into the sunset with (child’s name) birthday party. On the __ of __, come join in the toy mania fun and celebrate (child’s name) (years old) birthday.


  • Space Ranger Sodas
  • Slinky Dog Pasta – Cook the corkscrew pasta and add an alfredo sauce. Cook and cut up some hot dogs and add them to the pasta.

Cake: I decorated cupcakes to look like the 3-eyed alien toy. It’s just blue frosting on the outer edge, green on the inner. Then mini marshmallows cut in half with a piece of raisin for the center. And they were baked in silver cupcake liners! “They have been chosen” Have your kids use their “claws” to snag a cupcake!


  • Toy Bowling –  For Toy Bowling, line up all of your small trinket toys, the kind that come in your fast food kid’s meals. Have the children line up 5-6 feet away and roll a ball toward the toys.

  • Mr. Potato Head Switch – Using 2 Mr. Potato Heads, mix up the parts. Then on your mark, have the children race to see who can put him back together the right way first.

  • Take a Turn at the CLAW – Place your stuffed animals into a large bin or laundry basket. Using salad tongs, have the children pretend they are “clawing” the toys out of the arcade game. To make it more difficult, have them use the tongs one handed or blind folded.

  • Ice Cube ToysFreeze Toys in water using small plastic tubs or zip bags overnight. During the party, set up a kiddie type pool with warmish water and have each child place in their frozen toy. Watch to see who’s unfreezes first. Let the children take their toy home with them that they unfroze.

Any Toy Story Mania ideas at your house? Have you celebrated with Toy Story before?

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