Every time I search around on Etsy, I find the coolest stuff. I am going to share a few more shops at Etsy that you need to check out!!


Nightmare journals that will help keep the monsters away. They are scary and furry, but friendly and fun all at the same time. I love these. What child, or maybe a little older, pre-teen would not love this? I have a few birthday’s coming up and Christmas is just around the corner.

Journal- Mugwump the Nightmare Snatcher Nightmare Snatcher Journal- SwampmopJournal- Groulby the Nightmare Snatcher

Smack of Jelly Fish

Love these greeting cards. The silhouettes are beautiful. I love that the animals are in action. There are 26 in the series with animals A-Z, each with a collective noun. If I were one of these animal families, I would want to be the Flutter of Butterflies.

A Smack of Jellyfish Greeting CardA Parade of Elephants Greeting Card

The Portland Beanie Company

Amazingly beautiful beanies. I can’t get enough of how absolutely darling these beanies are for kids. I can just imagine my little ones wearing these this Fall. Tons and tons of fun and styles, I just love the flower! (They are closed and re-stocking until August as of today, but check out their Flickr and come back to them in August!!)

3-6 Month Earflap Flowered Beanie - rose, red, pastel pink, white 0-3 Month Daisy Beanie - pastel pink, yellow, white 3-6 Month Visor Beanie - navy, baby blue

Have fun searching around Etsy. What have been some of the great finds you have discovered over at Etsy?