My family is running the Hood to Coast relay race this year. It is a grueling and exciting relay race in Oregon, where 12 people run 3 legs of close 6 miles each, more or less. We go from Mt. Hood all the way to the coast and run on the beach to the finish line. It is a hard race to get into and we are ecstatic that we made it. We have to get serious about running this and get our butts training.

When I know I need to wake up in the morning at 7:00am to go run and I set my alarm, for some reason, my internal clock always wakes up first. Which is good, then I don’t have to wake the sleeping bear next to me. I make sure I have the 6 items I need to run: socks, undies, sports bra, shirt, shorts, shoes. Then I get to the kitchen and strap on the iPod and check the clock for when I started. Next, I hit the pavement and get jogging.

I run 3-4 miles at a time, close to 4 times a week, but it is time to pick up the pace. The race is at the end of August. I need some advice from all of you runners out there. No matter what, I can’t get past running any faster than 12 minute miles. I try to go faster in certain places in my run, but then it is overkill and need to slow down as my lungs can’t handle that fast of a pace. Maybe I have a slight form of Asthma. Is that possible?


I have come to enjoy the cool air and time to myself as I run. It is very thrilling to have me time. I do think I am at the point where I have accepted the fact that I am doing this race, and that I better start running so that my legs don’t fall off during the race. I am going to be like one of those Iron Man lady competitors I saw once where she was 50 feet from the finish to win and her body collapses and she is crawling to the finish and about 5 people run right past her. Oh, the horror.

As for the other 11 runners, my hubby included, only about 2 maybe 3 are getting the idea how serious this is. 2 have ran this relay race before and they know what it takes. We have already used one of our alternates, and I think the others need to get ready to join. But I believe in all of you, We Can Do This!!

I hope you are all out there getting your daily fix of running. Have fun joggin’ and send your positive energy my team’s way!