When it comes to activities for kids and planning parties, I can say I’m pretty crafty. But for the life of me, I can’t decorate my house. I struggle with colors, theme, and design. I desperately need to decorate my front room, the room every guest sees. So I’m calling in some reinforcements, YOU. I need your help and suggestions for what I should put on my walls.

Here’s the damage! It’s a small space, 2 couches, piano passed down from Grandma (love it) as the main focus, don’t you mind the baby toys on the floor – they get hidden when company comes :) At least the piano does have a few cute pictures on it.

Home Decor Help

But soooo plain. Should we paint? Or is that a pain as we have that wall that goes into the hall? And notice the framed picture on the floor behind the couch that’s meant to be on the wall. Do I put up shelves, or a mirror, or a large clock over the piano. I want a new lamp or side table and lamp. I just need someone to come and surprise me with a makeover, move that bus!

Or maybe a few of these home decor links can help:

Please share your thoughts, ideas, and links in the comments!!