I have got the quilting bug and I’m ready to make a new quilt. As a self-taught quilter and sewer, I picked up a few things from Mom and I have taken a quilting class at one point, but mostly just giving it a try. I know fabric from a good quilt shop is much better quality, but I decided to head over to Wal-Mart for the discount stuff and not brake the bank on a quilt that is just for fun. I am still learning to quilt and experimenting needs to be cheap. I can easily justify quilting on a $1 per yard. When all was said and done, I ended up spending $11 for ALL of it.


I am calling this quilt, “Here Comes the Sun” because these Winter Blues have gotten to me. I have been craving a trip to Southern California or Arizona, anything warmer than Utah. This fabric takes me to those places. I love the bright oranges. Especially the floral one on top. We will see if it turns out and I will post when it is finished. I am going to try something new this time, making a new year’s resolution to not quilt with just squares, inspired from Crazy Mom Quilts. So people, head over to Walmart, get your cheap fabric, and practice your quilting.