The voting registration deadline is coming up. My envelope has to be postmarked by October 4th for me to be registered to vote. I’ve moved since the last presidential election and have needed to register again. I was going to wimp out this year and not register, until my husband just sent me Matt Cutt’s voting meme. After watching this funny Voting Registration Video, I really have no excuse.

So if you’re like me and still need to register, then do it! I’ve just printed out the form and I’m mailing it to my county clerk’s office today. Now I’m tagging 5 others to post about voting registration, because these hot famous celebrities told me to!

  • TAMN – b/c she gets serious about stuff
  • Simple Mom – because you can still register living out of the country
  • Mrs. Fussypants – because she’s a hot celebrity
  • Design Mom – because everyone reads her blog
  • Kelly – love her passion for getting involved