6 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

With St. Patrick’s day approaching, I’m sure you’re hoping a few lucky Leprechauns visit your house! We’re gathering ideas for a few traps to make, seeing if we can get our hands on a little gold. So here are 6 fun ideas we’ve found to celebrate this green holiday!

6 St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

6 Creative St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

1. Green Clover Card: make a cute clover card by pressing a few leaves of clover onto paper for this festive card.

2. 30+ Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day: any one of these kids craft ideas would be perfect to make and create on St. Patrick’s day!

3. 5 Ways to Eat the Rainbow: have fun getting your snacks in order for St. Patrick’s day with these 5 healthy ways to eat a rainbow.

4. Rainbow Pasta Bracelets: color dry pasta in the rainbow colors and make fun bracelets for the kids. This is a simple kids craft anyone can make and feel the rainbow!

5. Green Fruit Salad and Skewers: get all green inside and out with this fun green fruit salad.

6. Catch a Leprechaun: here are 10 ideas for how to catch a leprechaun with these silly traps!

Have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s day!

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