My son turned 6 last week and we celebrated with a Star Wars party.  He eats, sleeps, and plays Star Wars, so it was no surprise he chose this as the party theme. I’m sharing details of the party, games we played and food we ate, because if you have a son, chances are high these ideas may come in handy!

Invitations: My son and I came up with the words for the invitation, he knows the Star Wars lines better than me. We printed and folded them into cards, adding a couple of stickers to the front, and delivered them to friends.

Invited You Are… on a Galactic adventure with … (Child name)
On Saturday, January 17th, You’ll take part in your Jedi Training. Your mission will be to rescue and protect Princess Leia, as she has been taken prisoner by Darth Vader.After Galactic Pizza and Yoda Sodas, we’ll be fighting to destroy Darth Vader & the Death Star, using your Jedi force powers.Please bring your Jedi lightsaber to aid you in your mission. Then after sufficient training, you will be awarded with your official Jedi Robe. May the force be with you!

Official Jedi Robe: Each child was awarded a Jedi robe when they entered the rebel ship (house). I made 7 of these, yes 7! You could make these using a robe pattern, but I found an easy to follow Jedi Robe guide to use when cutting and sewing, and it worked great. That website has measurements for adults, so for kids: each robe use 2 yards of brown cotton fabric. I had my kids lay down on the folded fabric and cut their outline, like the instructions say, then added a hood.


  • Galactic pizza – just plain ol’ pizza, but given a super cool Jedi name!
  • Yoda Sodas – I found this idea listed on lots of different party idea sites (some listed below). You mix Lime Sherbet with Sprite. It was a big hit!


  • Pin the Lightsaber on a Jedi – I found this $5 poster and taped it to the wall. Then I made these little mini paper lightsabers for each child. They pick the color and then match it to who it might go to, while wearing a Clone Wars Storm Trooper mask (found at a party store).

  • Destroy the Death Star – I bought a soccer ball pinata and painted the white squares gray. Then once it was dry, filled it with candy. Then on party day, the kids hit it with their lightsabers. (Even though the lightsabers were fun to hit with, they’re not hard enough to open the pinata. So after a try or two with the lightsabers, use something harder).

  • Fighting Darth Vader – Darth Vader made an appearance, but the young Jedi’s prevailed.

Party Bags: I sent the kids on a treasure hunt to find their gift bags… a Jedi Mission! Included in the bags were glow necklaces, Star Wars stickers, Clone Wars paper masks (from the party store), and some licorice (looks like a red lightsabers!)

Or make these fun handmade party favors:

Lightsaber Cake: Cupcakes are just too easy, so I lined them all up like a lightsaber.

Party-Time Filler: We watched a 20 minute episode of the new Clone Wars cartoons while they waited for everyone to come, then again as parents came to pick them up!

Other great Star Wars Party Idea sites:

Hopefully some of these ideas will help for your next Star Wars party, or share in a comment what else you did that worked for you.