It’s All About Those Special Moments

Ever since moving to Seattle, we’ve looked at everyday as a new adventure. It’s been one year, can you believe it?! I can’t. It seems like we’re still so new as we keep finding new fun things to explore.

Well, about 3 months in, just after school had started for my kids, we found one of our favorite local shops, called Max and Quinn’s Atomic Boys! It’s a fun retro toy and candy shop that takes you back to when you were a kid. I love it. I get to show my kids the fun candies I used to get that aren’t available in most stores. Or there are great gag gifts like trick gum, fake poop, you name it. Even a styling of stick-on mustaches or rubber chickens are available. See what I mean, so much fun.

Since it was such a great shop, and I wanted to keep visiting to see what cool new things they were getting, I decided it would be a fun way to end our week by “earning” a little treat from Atomic Boys. So every Friday¬†after school¬†I let the kids pick out one small candy. My kids have to “earn” their Friday treat throughout the week, but they almost always do. It’s actually a great way to help them remember to stay on track with behavior and sibling rivalry if we talk about “earning their Atomic Boy trip”.

And we’ve been doing this all year. It’s a fun little tradition we’ve started, getting to know our community and other shops and local neighbors. Plus we love to shop local and support local vendors, so it’s a win win for everyone.

Here’s Kent, the owner, with his son Quinn (of Max and Quinn’s Atomic Boys!)

My favorite part is this is always going to be a memory my kids and I will have together. Walking over to the candy shop on Fridays after school. As I get older, I now realize it’s all about those little moments that make life extra special!

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