What’s On Your Holiday Menu?

Some years we go big with the food for Christmas and some years we are still too burnt out from the last holiday meal at Thanksgiving. This year for Christmas Eve, my Mom is having a “fun food buffet” for the meal: artichoke dip, jello salad, salmon, meatballs, chips and dip, and ending the night with a dessert buffet. We are going to Jordan’s parents for Christmas night and my father-in-law, Brent, is always cooking up a storm. This year is Cornish game hens, chestnut stuffing, candied yams, and Parmesan rolls. I am almost more excited about all the food as I am about all the gift giving.


Here are a few of the “favorites” that make it to the Holiday Menu each year.

  • My sister loves “Spiked Eggnog”, spiked with Sprite that is. My Grandpa Passey used to make this every year.
  • Homemade ice cream is usually around for dessert. My Grandma Holt used to make the most yummy chocolate and vanilla ice cream, or my mom makes a delicious raspberry.
  • Some form of Jello Salad usually is at the table. My sister makes a yummy pretzel Jello salad that is yum.

What deliciousness makes it to your table each Holiday season?

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