Caine’s Arcade Cardboard Challenge Wrap-Up

This past Saturday we hosted a celebration for Caine’s Arcade and his cardboard challenge here in Seattle. It was cardboard mania!! Kids from all over Seattle joined in the fun as we crafted and played. A little cardboard bowling pictured below, thanks to Jordan!

Someone from the local West Seattle Blog even came and took some pictures. Here’s their write-up about the event! Thanks to them for coming. And special thanks to The Kenney retirement center for hosting us and Wiseman’s Appliances for providing lots of the cardboard!

Here’s a few of the cardboard creations at the event:

There was a Ski Ball, PacMan, Whac-a-Mole game, and my little one wanted to sell some cardboard blankies for 1 penny!

We also had a Toss and Fishing game, Pinball, Drop the Bucket, and a cute cardboard car!

From the “creation station” in the corner of the room, people were crafting right there on the spot. Someone made this fun Pin the Mustache game and the Skittle Riddle maze game, sooooo clever! We also had bowling and mini golf.

It was such a great event. Thanks to all who came through, brought in their amazing creations, and donated to the Imagination Foundation. I think the best part was watching the kids run around and play each other’s games. And I’m hoping this might be a yearly event, we’ll plan it again for next year.

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