I know you have some crayons that are short, stubby, paper gone or in shreds. Perfect crayons don’t last long. I have a solution for all of those left over and unwanted stubby crayons. Here’s my version of how to make a new Recycled Chunky Crayon!

DIY Recycle Crayons

How to Make Recycled Chunky Crayons:


  • 20-30 old crayons
  • metal muffin tin, any size
  • cooking spray


1. Get out your old crayons. Take off the paper (if it is still on). Kids love to help with this! Then break or chop them into smaller pieces about 1/2 – 1 inch pieces.

Chopping Crayons for Recycled Chunky Crayons

2. Spray your muffin tin with cooking spray and add some crayons into each spot. The more or less you put depends on what size you want for each chunky crayon. TIP: You can also group the crayons into colors that are fun together, red and blue for purple, pink tones or blue tones.

Adding Broken Crayons to a Muffin Tin

3. Place the muffin tin full of crayons into a preheated oven of 275 degrees F. I used both mini muffin tins and large muffin tins. Watch them carefully, they will melt fast. Bake them for about 7-8 minutes. When they look melted enough, carefully and slowly remove them from the oven.

Melting Old Crayons into New Recycled Crayons

4. Just out of the oven, you can stir them with a toothpick for a swirly look, or leave them as is. Then let them cool completely (they can be placed in the freezer to speed up process once the tin is not so hot.)

5. Once cooled, the crayons can be popped out of the muffin tin, tap the back to help this process. Then get the paper out and your ready to color.

Here are variations to the Chunky Crayon:

  • Variation #1: instead of using a muffin tin, use metal cookie cutters in whatever shapes you like, on a flat cookie sheet that’s been lined with tin foil.
  • Variation #2: Put old crayon chunks into small paper cups, and place them in the microwave for about 4 – 6 minutes on ‘high.’ Pour the melted wax into candy molds, and then place them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Once the wax has hardened, your new crayons will pop out of the molds.

How to Make Recycled Chunky Crayons