We’ve grown regular grass before, but this year I wanted to try my hand at wheatgrass. It was very easy to grow, needing only a few supplies. Wheatgrass is known for nutritional benefits, but with this beautiful green color, it’s also a perfect Spring display.

Growing Your Own Wheatgrass for Spring

How to Grow Your Own Wheatgrass

How to Grow Your Own Wheatgrass DIY

Supplies for Growing Wheatgrass:

  • hard red winter wheat (found in most health food stores)
  • container
  • potting soil
  • water

Containers: I chose a few different containers, as I’m going to test them all out to see which one works best. I’ve got an egg carton, terra cotta pots, floral vase, Easter bowls, silver tray, and our Easter bunny bucket.

Soil: Fill your containers with potting soil. Leave an inch or so of space for the grass and roots to grow.

Seeds: I soaked my seeds in water for a couple of hours. Then spread a layer of seeds on top of the soil in each container. Spread them full and even.

Water: Give your containers a good soak, but be careful not to let your seeds move around. Pour your water in slowly. For the first 2 days, they need constant water to help the seeds germinate. Once the seeds show a white tail, keep them watered, but no need to soak.

Grow: Set them in an undisturbed area, I just grew my wheatgrass on my kitchen counter where no little hands could reach. Then watch it grow! Here’s what it looked like in only 4 days.

The Results: After only 7 days, here’s how well the wheatgrass grew! And it’s growing more and more by the minute! Check the Wheatgrass Containers post for full results.

We’re having fun displaying our wheatgrass for Spring, giving me hope for warmer weather to come!

How to Grow Your Own Wheatgrass at Home