Celebrate the Holidays with the ABC’s

Join us in celebrating the holidays this season from A to Z. We’re crafting advents and icicles, trees and yarn poms. Find all sorts of fun crafts and activities for the whole family in our Holiday ABC series.

Holiday ABC Kids Craft Series @makeandtakes.com

Holiday activities from A to Z!
A is for Advent . B is for Bells . C is for Candy Cane . D is for Dipped Desserts . E is for Elves
F is for Frosty . G is for Gingerbread . H is for Hanukkah . I is for Icicle . J is for Joy  . K is for Kwanzaa
L is for Lights . M is for Manger . N is for Nuts . O is for Oranges . P is for Presents . Q is for Quilts
R is for Reindeer . S is for Santa . T is for Tree . U is for Umbrellas . V is for Vintage
W is for Winter . X is for Cross-Stitch . Y is for Yarn . Z is for Zig Zag

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑